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WELCOME to my website, and THANKS for stopping by. Scroll around the grounds until you feel at home. And notice that these web pages, like the pages in my book, Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn), proceed from the idea that at our own truest nature, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

If you believe in "God," as the vast majority of Americans do (upward of 90%), then it necessarily follows that you must also believe in one or more levels of reality beyond the everyday world that we perceive and encounter with our five senses. That puts us pretty much on the same page.

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To be sure, the premise here is that other levels of reality actually do exist. Some of us have been there, especially as children, but were often told that we were dreaming or letting our imaginations run away with us. However, any child who has ever had an invisible friend, talked to a deceased relative, or seen a ghost, etc., actually may have been in touch with what may be referred to as the Mystic—that expanded state of awareness where we can connect with Spirit, and experience other realities. For the Mystic has been accessible to us from the very beginning, and we as children were much more capable of having mystical experiences. It's just that we tend to lose our spiritual capabilities over time, as we stray from the innocence and openness of childhood. We can, however, reclaim the true magic of our youth by following a spiritual path and seeking ultimate reality, and thereby becoming mystics in the process.

"Why the hell would you want to bother doing that?" my Brooklyn brethren from the street corners of yesteryear might ask.

"To care for the soul," would be my answer, "and feel complete." Indeed, by following a spiritual path, we can get to know ourselves, and maybe "God" in the process. For to know oneself, at the deepest level, is simultaneously to know God, according to the Gnostics (an early Christian sect). I try to explain how in the stories contained in Into the Mystic—true experiential stories to which I hope you can relate, from which I trust you will benefit, and within which resonates the idea that our ultimate consciousness is only temporarily housed in the bodies that we, as souls, inhabit. And so when life finally does leave our physical bodies, we, as souls, will live on. It is the soul, not the body, that is created in the image and likeness of "God," as an indestructible life force existing beyond the bounds of time.

For the uninitiated, the idea of embarking on a journey Into the Mystic may seem a bit spooky and "out there," and to our Western minds, let's face it, it can be. But if so, that is only because we have lost touch with our true essence. In actuality, connecting with The Mystic is a natural process, and you don't have to be a Zen master or yoga guru to make the connection. It's more a matter of becoming aware and remembering what is and has been around us since we were kids, listening to what others have experienced, and maybe sharing a story or two yourself.

Whether you are an advanced spiritual traveler, just starting out, or simply curious about what may be involved—it is my most fervent hope that Into the Mystic will assist and entertain you along the way.


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