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As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are all capable of entering Into the Mystic. For the Mystic—that expanded state of awareness where we can connect with Spirit and experience other realities—has been accessible to us from the very beginning when we as children were much more capable of having mystical experiences. However, as we stray from the innocence and openness of childhood, we tend to lose our spiritual capabilities. Nevertheless, as Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn) reveals and promises in a unique and entertaining way, we can reclaim the true magic and birthright of our youth by following a spiritual path, pursuing "ultimate reality," and thereby come to know ourselves, and "God," in the process.

Into the Mystic is an exploration of self and ultimate reality through shamanism, after-death communications, past-life regressions, and original mystical thought. The work is filled with tales of wondrous, real-life mystical adventures and spiritual encounters, and is deep and magical enough to be appreciated by even the most enlightened among us. However, Into the Mystic is simultaneously intended to be shared and enjoyed by our less spiritually inclined friends, mates and significant others, and can actually help bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap between believers and skeptics.

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Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn) is available on-line at,,

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"Into the Mystic is warm, humorous, and down to earth—a wondrous journey in which Dennis McMahon reveals that deeper understanding of living a spiritual life. This is a book is for all those seeking a path of discovery, and will help them realize that they are not alone on the journey. I loved his wit, words and message."
Suzane Northrop, internationally acclaimed medium, lecturer, teacher and radio host. Suzane is also the author of Second Chance, Everything Happens for a Reason, and Medium's Cookbook: Recipes for the Soul

"There is a widespread spiritual reawakening currently going on in Western Society and Dennis McMahon's book reveals a personal account of how he, a professional and accomplished attorney, stumbled into it. An interesting read!"
Hank Wesselman, PhD. anthropologist and author of the Spiritwalker Trilogy, as well as The Journey to the Sacred Garden and Spirit Medicine (with Jill Kuykendall)

"Dennis McMahon's Into the Mystic not only takes you on his fascinating and enlightening journey—but also in the process you just might discover your own path."
John Holland, Psychic Medium & Author

"Dennis McMahon's Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn) is a personal spiritual awakening journey, written in straightforward, everyday language that invites you to examine your own spiritual path, and gain insight into yourself."
Itzhak Beery, Co-founder NY Shamanic Circle, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

"Through an honest, humble, and humorous recounting of his journey into the world of spirituality and metaphysics, Dennis McMahon's Into the Mystic is inspiring, enlightening, and a true joy to read!"
Jess Steinman, Intuitive Tarot Reader & Medium

Into the Mystic (From the Streets of Brooklyn) validated my own mysterious spiritual experiences. . . Dennis McMahon's writing is real and honest, funny and touching.  I highly recommend this book to anyone on their own spiritual path. 

Jewelle St. James, author, All You Need is Love


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