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Shamanic Hand Drum

The hand drums caught my eye, especially this one. It was a sixteen-inch octagonal drum with an intriguing design. I looked at the price tag of $220, frowned and walked away. But the drum called me back.

I returned, picked up the drum, and examined the artwork. Resisting the urge to spend $220 on a hand drum, I again put it down and walked away, only to have my new and insistent friend call me back once more. Responding to the call, I returned to study the drum, then set it down and left again, only to be called back and repeat the process once more! Feeling thoroughly self-conscious at this point, I surveyed the area to see if anyone was observing me. Luckily, no one was.

I took the drum in hand and selected a shoulder carry case (another $60) with a striking Native American design that reminded me of the beaded Indian belts we used to wear as kids back in Brooklyn. Soon I was at the cash register, thinking What the hell am I doing? while nevertheless knowing that the drum wanted to belong to me and that it was better for me to make the purchase than not. About $300 later (after tax), the drum and case were mine.
See Into the Mystic, at page 80 et seq.

*   *   *

BMW Key Ring Medallion

I initiated my own spiritual journey in earnest by opening up to DP (Dead Person) communications, past-life regressions, and shamanism. Along the way, thru an incredible mystical experience (described fully in Into the Mystic), 5 became my own personal "magic number"—most especially when appearing consecutively, as 55, 555, etc. Soon thereafter, fives started to pop up—as an address on a house when I glanced up, as a phone number on a truck passing by, and especially as part of a license plate on a moving or parked car—accompanied by what I came to identify as a special energy, together delivering messages from Spirit.

"555" Brand Pots

Sound strange? Well, that's because it is strange, conceptually. What we are talking about essentially is a divination encounter with Spirit providing information thru the spontaneous appearance of magic numbers charged with a special energy. But it happens!

For example, being handed a BMW key ring medallion with 555 and 55 in the phone numbers, helped convince me that I was on the right track in selecting a new car, despite my "green" idealism and own misgivings. And the sudden appearance of "555" brand pots while shopping in a Chinese variety store on Christmas Eve validated that a major life decision that I had made was the correct one.
See Into the Mystic at page 131 et seq. and page 157 et seq., respectively.

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Bernard P. McMahon

The afterlife can be a struggle at times. Indeed, when our loved ones cross over, they (and eventually we) may have to go thru some tough learning periods on the other side.

But here's the good news—our demonstrations of love and caring on this side can help our departed loved ones thru their difficulties over there.

All this I came to realize during a meditative session when my deceased father came thru in need of help.

Displaying one of his notorious photos, taken during World War II, helped him in his afterlife process.
See Into the Mystic at page 152 et seq..



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