Sign up for updates serves as the internet home of Suzane Northrop, internationally acclaimed medium, lecturer, teacher and radio host. "is the vision of Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall whose purpose is to create transpersonal bridges to facilitate the emergence of a new subculture in the Western world." is the official website of spiritual medium, John Holland. belongs to the New York Shamanic Circle, which is "dedicated to promoting and supporting a shamanic community in New York City." is the web home of Jess Steinman, intuitive tarot reader and medium. is the site for the "Pakarinka Sisari Ancestral Wisdom Center (Blossoming of the New Dawn) which has perceived the necessity to give the lessons that during thousands of years have been gathered in the Andes and Amazon, from daily life experience, observation and the investigation." is the web address for author and researcher Carol Bowman, founder of the Past Life Center. is the website for Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies, "a source for information and products relating to the study of shamanism and shamanic healing." is the internet address for Omega, the spiritual retreat center. houses the Gnosis Archive. belongs to the Dream Change coalition, "a world wide grass roots movement of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds dedicated to shifting consciousness and promoting sustainable lifestyles for the individual and global community." is the web home of Rainbow Eagle, an "Okla-Choctaw American Indian and Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield." serves the John E. Mack Institute, whose mission is "to explore the frontiers of human experience, to serve the transformation of individual consciousness, and to further the evolution of the paradigms by which we understand human identity." is the internet locale of Don Theo Paredes' Poqen Kanchay Foundation, whose goal is "to rescue, research and teach ancient knowledge of the societies which culminated with the Incas." is the web address for the Melting The Ice In The Heart Of Man LLC—a company founded by "Uncle" Angaangaq that is "committed to preserving Mother Earth and all who live on her, by creating Healing Circles through Intensives, and through our participation in international symposia and environmental preservation and education programs i.e. The Wisdomkeeper Program. is the website of Jewelle St. James, author of All You Need Is Love, "the incredible true story of one woman's search, discovering her past life with John Lennon."


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